About Us


Our Approach

We help startups and SMEs to enter new markets by providing linguistic (translation), cultural and strategic support to their communication, marketing and recruiting efforts.

We have worked with clients in the Fintech, Banking, Pharma/Biotech, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Publishing industries to connect with people from various markets, such as French-speaking Canada (Québec).

Our core translation expertise is in Canadian and International French, Spanish (Mexico and Latin America), Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyen) and Brazilian Portuguese.

Multilingo Plus is a brand of MLPcom, used for our translation services.

Our Story

Meet the Team


Tyra Bouhamdan Vassallo

Founder & Director of Partnerships

With a multicultural background in academic and media writing, bilingual publishing, translation, marketing communication and sales in Canada and the US, I have a passion for culture, language and business. My goal is to help you drive success and influence through impactful communication.


Eve Léonard

Content Lead and Strategy - Québec Market

With a background as a bilingual web and communication specialist in the IT, engineering and non-profit sectors, I am now focusing on helping businesses enter the Québec market using culturally and linguistically relevant content and strategies.