About MLPCOM (formerly Multilingo Plus)

Our Approach

Our goal is to help you connect with your target audience in an engaging and effective way so that they come to trust your brand and what it represents.

We believe that a business is most successful when it treats its potential customers as whole individuals, which includes addressing not only their product needs, but also their motivations and cultural ideals.

That approach also extends to how we work with our clients. We work with you to fully understand your brand identity and your specific needs so that we can craft messages that reflect your values while packing a punch!

Meet the Team

Tyra Bouhamdan Vassallo

Tyra Vassallo


With a background in academic and media writing, publishing, translation, marketing communication and sales, I have a passion for culture, language and business. My goal is to help you drive success and influence through impactful communication.

Eve Léonard - Multilingo Plus - mlpcom.com - multilingoplus.com

Eve Léonard

Operations Manager

With a background as a bilingual communication specialist in the IT, engineering and non-profit sectors, I work on improving our operations process as well as developing strategies for the French Canadian market.