As a bilingual Project Manager (PM), you will be assigned quarterly campaigns where you will:

  • Conduct in-depth research on a relevant topic and current trends within a selected industry
  • Identify top influencers and experts and securing the best possible content distribution channels
  • Fund your project by: pitching the campaign and products to the right sponsors/clients, having a thorough understanding of client needs, and identifying which products best match the expectations and goals for the client’s participation in the campaign
  • In final pre-launch weeks, work with our production team to ensure content elements are compliant with campaign goals and client expectations


  • We are enthusiastic
  • We make things happen – now rather than later
  • Success to us is taking responsibility, initiative and handling stress like a boss!
  • We strive towards professional development and happy clients
  • Teamwork and great social relations are top priorities
  • If you work hard and create results, we’ll do our absolute best to help you reach the stars!


We do not expect you to be anyone but yourself, but there are certain skills that will help you keep our clients happy. Your ability to handle responsibilities and stress, as well as the way you operate in an ad-hoc environment, will help you succeed here.


  • Experience from a related business in a bilingual setting (Canadian French/English)
  • Experience in sales
  • A university degree




 Title: Bilingual Project Manager (PM) – Content Marketing, Publishing, Sales


  • Creating content marketing campaigns released on multiple platforms (print & digital)
  • Financing the campaign by selling our marketing concept and ads
  • Identifying and contacting key people in the industry
  • Conducting research for every campaign
  • Identifying key markets for client prospects and editorial sources


The focus in this position is on bilingual sales to French-speaking (Quebec) clients

The PM must:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of our products to help solve client's need
  • Understand and present the information in Canadian French and English
  • Be accountable and lead project from startup phase to campaign close
  • Contact clients and prepare for future contact with potential clients


  • Research title, market, editorial angles, influencers, etc. to create a campaign plan
  • Identify and secure distribution channels in print and online (fairs, events, partnerships with strong digital networks, bloggers, etc.)
  • Come up with editorial material to create an attractive campaign for sponsors/clients and influencers
  • Reach your financial targets and KPls on a daily, weekly, monthly, campaign, and yearly basis
  • Communicate clearly with clients to ensure you agree about expectations and deliverables
  • Commission journalists to write the editorial
  • Respect deadlines and provide the production team with material to ensure in-house and distributor deadlines are met
  • Ensure order confirmations, credit worthiness and correct invoices/billing information are submitted to the right party and will be processed on time
  • Once campaign is closed, ensure billing template is organized, correct and up to date
  • Follow-up with clients after publication to gain feedback, ensure satisfaction, and secure timely client payment
  • Work with current clients to ensure future business

Reports to Business Development Manager (BDM)

Salary and Compensation

Fixed base salary plus variable pay scheme without a cap.

Responsible for a minimum of 4 campaigns per year

Beneficial Experience

  • Bilingual business experience
  • Understanding of Quebec language, culture and market
  • Sales experience
  • University extra curriculum activities


  • University degree

Important Attributes

  • Structured and organized
  • Quick to learn and takes initiative
  • Appreciates sales and business development
  • Prioritizes and acts on new input
  • An entrepreneur with a positive outlook on challenges
  • Resilient, autonomous and able to handle adversities and criticism
  • Willing to leave comfort zone
  • Creative
  • Confident, yet humble
  • Willing to listen to other's support
  • Appreciates responsibility
  • Strives to achieve targets and deadlines
  • Ambitious
  • Competitive while keeping a collaborative team spirit