Custom Content for Digital and Print Publishers

What is custom content?

Different expressions are used to refer to the use of content for business purposes, like custom content, custom publishing, branded content, sponsored content, native advertising, and content marketing.

Custom content can take the form of writing, audio, video and visuals, which can include blog posts, editorials, podcasts, infographics and video content. This content can be used by businesses to raise awareness of a brand, share its values and provide information relevant to their audience, with the ultimate goal of piquing consumer interest in a company and what it offers.

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There is a wide spectrum of content possibilities between directly using a product's name within a piece of content (as in an advertorial) or telling an inspirational story that doesn't mention a product or a company at all (as in content marketing).

Custom content is designed to give something of value to your audience -- something they want and need -- while at the same time making them want to know more about your company.

Do you need custom content?

Even if you produce most of your content in-house, there are times when it’s beneficial to bring in an outside team:

● When moving beyond your team’s expertise
● When creating or adapting content in a non-native language (such as the French-speaking Québec market)
● When the demand for content goes beyond your team's production capacity

We've interviewed people and told their life story, researched consumer habits and turned data into actionable insights, explained complex subjects in simple language, and created meaningful content to match each client's voice.

Specialist content options

  1. Branded content
    Stories based on interviews or original content designed for a specific audience, for online publishing platforms (guest blogs, paid content, etc.) or print media.
  2. Product promotion
    Content designed to foster interest around a particular product or service. Building stories based on interviews or real-life experiences is an effective way to stimulate interest in a brand or product without mentioning it directly. This can be especially effective for industries like Pharma and Biotech, since mention of brands and product names are limited by advertising laws.
  3. Editorials
    Creation of guest editorial content that can be used to highlight a specific cause, bring attention to an issue, or highlight something related to a specific business or industry.
  4. Adaptation and Transcreation
    Adapting existing content to a new market is a cost effective way to reach new audiences. Linguistic and cultural adaptation (or transcreation) goes further than just translating words; it translates the feel of your message as well -- something that machines have not yet learned to do!

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How MLPcom can help you with custom content

Our team of journalists, copywriters and copyeditors, fluent in both English and French, cover a number of specialties, including:

● Journalism
● Culture and Marketing
● Technical Writing
● Information Technology

For those interested in breaking into the Québec market, we offer native Québécois French writers and editors who understand the specific needs and culture of the over 7 Million French speakers in La Belle Province.

We have worked with companies across a wide variety of industries, creating content ranging from cultural pieces to tech journalism.

Our partners include businesses in:

● Communication, Marketing & Advertising
● Publishing
● Pharma
● Biotech
● Medtech
● Finance
● Insurance
● Fintech
● Travel
● Hospitality