Editing, Adaptation, Translation

Whether in English or in other languages, we can help bring your content to industry standards of quality and consistency that will add credibility to your brand.

  • Website content (WPML)
  • Software, Saas and mobile app menus, strings, labels, etc.
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Marketing material
  • Social media

Technical Writing

Our team's expertise in the fields of Software Development, Business and Functional Analysis, and User Experience (UX), coupled with our writing and editing services makes us uniquely qualified to offer support to businesses who want to develop solid technical documentation for their IT products, such as:

  • Knowledge Bases
  • Help files
  • User Manuals
  • Video narratives and scenarios (How to, Explainer, eLearning)
  • White Papers
  • Business and Functional Analysis documentation

Ready to find out more?

Why Québec?

The 7-million strong French Canadian market represents 20% of Canada's population  and comes with its own unique mix of culture, language and attitudes about business, technology and finance that differ from the rest of North America. With the predicted rise of fintech, banking and insurance markets in Québec in coming years, make the most of this opportunity with:

  • Insights on Québec consumers' attitudes about finance to help inform your marketing strategy
  • Content audit to pinpoint any linguistic or cultural problem areas
  • Writing, adaptation and/or translation services for new or existing content

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