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Credible Content Improves Health Literacy

No matter what advice they receive from their health professional, the fact is that people increasingly turn to Google to learn about health issues that affect them, even though they have doubts about online information's trustworthiness.

87% of internet users have doubts regarding the trustworthiness of online information

Health professionals interested in promoting health literacy understand that they must provide useful, easy to understand information across multiple languages and cultures.

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Developing Health-Related Content

By developing core content and repurposing it across multiple channels for different reading levels and different stages of their informational journey, health professionals can not only educate their target audience, but also contribute to public health literacy.

We can help you

  • Develop original content (blogs, print articles, educational material)
  • Edit your existing content and repurpose it for different media and markets
  • Translate and/or adapt your content for different markets and cultures